Editorial: Weighing in on the Sexual Harassment Controversy

Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose; just some of the names of those who have been accused of sexual assault. Many of these names you may identify easily, as these figures have played a somewhat significant part in today’s world of celebrities.

But, there comes a time when these celebrities get caught up in a world of stardom and feel that they are not obliged to follow the same rules as everyone else. A surplus of these people also get involved with the wrong individuals and participate in the wrong activities.

When it comes to sexual harassment in the public eye, it appears that many people choose to take the side of the woman. This may be because many people expect the woman to be completely truthful about everything.

Although it is easy to believe the woman, this may not always be the correct solution because there are plenty of situations where the woman may not be completely innocent. There  out at the last second.

In this instance, the male clearly has received mixed signals and therefore may not intentionally have the wrong intentions. Though this could be the case, this does not give the male ANY excuse for committing sexual assault against a woman who is not permitting. Clearly not all of these people have the wrong intentions, but not all of them are completely innocent either.

There may be bias shown in the situation, when I say that the male counterpart is generally responsible for the sexual harassment. There are definitely many situations where the woman is also guilty of sexual harassment. Just because men are known as the ‘dominant’ sex when it comes to the being guilty of sexual harassment, this does not always make any given woman innocent accused of such.

Sexual allegations are not something that should be taken lightly, whether the accuser is a male or a female, or the victim is a male or female.