Mu Alpha Theta Hosts Pi Day

March 14th, Mu Alpha Theta hosted Pi day in the gym. FBLA, FFA, and YLA all created teams for the event. There is one every year for the members to raise money.

A couple of the Mu Alpha Theta members put up a table during lunch with jars showing teachers’ names and the students could put money in the jar of what teacher they wanted to get pied in the face. After all the students and staff made it to the gym, Alexis Petrovsky started off with pie day trivia questions. Each group had to answer on a white board and if correct their club team got a point.

While this was going on, at the end of the table Joey Schmidt, Jackson Reeder, Mia Sutton competed in the pie eating contest. Joey was the winner last year and came up short this year to Jackson.

One of the final contests was a hands-only pie making contest. Mr. McCallister was the judge deciding whose was the best tasting.  Once he chose the winner, the teachers getting pied were announced.  The two teachers to get pied were Mr. Lowe and Mr. Davis.

After all of these pie day events, club members auctioned off pies to raise some money. Each pie was auctioned by Mr. McCallister and to end all the contests FBLA took the win.