Softball team introduces new faces

This year’s team has a lot of new players, so getting them used to playing and teaching the new players about the game is definitely the older, more experienced players and coach’s focus this softball season.

The coach, Aaron Hill, said, “We have a lot of new girls and a lot of inexperience, so my goal is just for everyone to continue to work and get better. There haven’t been a lot of highlights so far, but they are showing improvement every game. Players just have to work on adjusting to how the game is played at this level, and understanding every situation and knowing what to do.”

Pitcher- Maddy Richards

Catcher- Kassidy Root

1st– Kaleigh Fought

2nd– Kelly Hardbarger

3rd– Maggie Bailey

Short Stop- Malane Smith

Left Field- Mackenzie O’meara, Kylie Cox, Elle Campbell

Center Field- Kelsey Moore

Right Field- Noelle Bailey

Savannah Gayheart said, “Softball is nothing like I expected. It’s a lot more serious than I thought, but it’s worth the wins that we will get. My position is an outfielder. I have made tons of new friends. All the girls on the team are so helpful, sweet and so supportive. My experience so far is pretty good. We haven’t done too well so far but we have definitely been improving dramatically. Some of the girls like me are freshmen and have never played before, but we got this. It’s an amazing sport, it’s very fun and competitive. 10/10 would recommend this sport.”

Kassidy Root said, “Softball has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember, but after my senior year I don’t believe I will be continuing my career. I feel once my senior season is over I want to focus my next chapter in life and softball isn’t a part of that. I have made many friendships through softball! So many I can’t even count them on hand. Playing softball over the years has really blessed me with some lifelong friends. It is definitely a challenge to say the least, but I do enjoy helping the newbies. Especially when I know they understand exactly what I’m saying and I see their hard work paying off. I would say I have improved a good bit. I wasn’t handed a varsity position the last two years and I had to work hard for them. Through taking full advantage of every practice I have been able to prove to myself, teammates, and coaches that I have what it takes to be out there in field.”