Tiger Baseball lead by new coach

As winter comes to an end, athletes at Wirt County High School prepare for spring sports. One spring sport that has recently begun is baseball. The Wirt County Baseball team will be including a new coach, Levi Maxwell, this season along with many new players.

The team kicked off the season on a positive note with a strong win against Calhoun. Wirt Baseball has only three seniors on the team this year: Christian Duskey, Dakota White, and returning senior Hayden Archer. The team includes twenty-one athletes and three coaches. Despite facing many changes to the team, Tigers Baseball is working towards winning as many games as they can.

                Throughout last year’s season, the team included seniors Ian Smith, Noah Garrett, Adam Thompson, and Dalton Logan. These young athletes were a big addition to the team but they have recently gained — new members. In addition to losing some graduates, the team said goodbye to former coach Zac McCallister as Coach Maxwell steps into the position of head coach. When asked how these big changes are effecting the team, Senior Hayden Archer said, “I think we are adjusting pretty well. Coach Danny Hickman is a returning coach so he has helped the team adjust to some of the changes.” This optimism in the team is essential to having a winning season. Wirt County fans, athletes, and coaches are excited to see where the Wirt County Baseball team will go this season.

                The team consists of many familiar faces but have also gained new players. One of these new players is sophomore Levi Pahl. Levi began baseball this year and Hayden Archer complemented this new member by saying, “He has become a really good pitcher for just beginning and is always lifting his teammates up. He will be a good senior athlete in a few years.”

The baseball team shows significant support for each other and is composed of students who are good additions to the community of Wirt County High School athletics. Levi Pahl stated “The season has went pretty decent so far. We have made good progress through practices with a few mistakes in games but we are working on improving in those areas. We as a team are hoping to go 500 this season but if that does not happen we will work towards further goals in the upcoming years.”