Track team experiences growth in numbers

This season Wirt County High School track has had the largest team they’ve had in recent years. Zac Yoak stated “I like track this year for many reasons. One is because I like to run, it’s very competitive and I get to spend more time with friends outside of school.” The team has had many new members come out, with great talent and potential in their future.

The returning leaders are excited to see where this season takes them. Shawna Ashby stated, “As my senior year comes to an end, I am so excited to be finishing the school year with my track family. I have had a great experience running for Coach Petrovsky and Galloway and with my teammates. I believe we will have many people and many relays to make it to states this year due to the team’s hard work and dedication.”

 So far the team has put in a lot of hard work and dedication while starting off this season. Zani Villers acknowledged, “This year’s track season I’m really looking forward to it because we have had a good variety of girls come out this year. We are now able to run in more events this year. The team is a lot bigger than past years and shows great potential. We all have set high goals and I’m so excited to watch us reach our goals and prosper.” The first meet of the year is coming up fast and everyone is looking forward to it.

With coaches Jimmy Galloway, April Petrovsky, Don Myers, and Carol Blankenship, the team has support for each event. Many of the new members this year on the team are already showing signs of potential. Michael Grishaber answered “My goal this year for myself and the team is to come out strong and to continually PR (personal record) higher throughout the year.”

Coach Petrovsky said, “We have a hard-working team this year. If they continue to improve, they should accomplish a lot this season. I wish we had a few more female runners to give us options with relays, but we have a good group of athletes. The boys have depth and the underclassmen show talent, so my hope is that many of them will make it to states.”